Privacy Policy Overview
A & M (2015) LLC, along with Annie Sez and any applicable, related brands and related companies (“Annie Sez”), understands the importance of privacy, and by accessing this website and shopping at Annie Sez stores, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”). From time to time, the terms of this Privacy Policy may change, and you agree to check this Privacy Policy periodically to see if any updates have been made.

Notice of Updates to the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is up-to-date as of September 7, 2016.

Use of this Website by Minors
Use of this website is intended for individuals 18 years of age and older, and Annie Sez requests that any visitors to this website under the age of 18 browse this website only with the consent and monitoring of their parents or legal guardians. Annie Sez does not collect any personal data or identifying information from any individuals under the age of 13, and if Annie Sez discovers that such data or information has somehow come into its possession, it will delete such data or information.

External Links
From time to time and on various parts of Annie Sez’s website, there may be links to external third-party websites – for instance, to social media websites – which are provided only for the convenience of individuals visiting Annie Sez’s website. Visitors agree that Annie Sez is not aware of, or responsible for, the privacy policies or content of websites that may be reached through these links.

California Privacy Rights
State law in California – specifically, Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code – allows California residents to ask companies doing business in California / with California residents for certain information regarding our disclosure of personal data to third parties for such parties’ marketing purposes. If you are a California resident and you would like to make such a request, please contact Annie Sez at:  customersupport@anniesez.com or 201-868-6220 x2200.

Online Tracking / “Do Not Track” Requests
Visitors to this website may use browsers with certain features, including a “Do Not Track” setting. Please be advised that this website does not support “Do Not Track” browser settings and requests.

M&A / Bankruptcy
In the event Annie Sez is ever involved in a merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy, or any other manner of transaction with third parties, Annie Sez may be required to disclose personal information collected from users to provide to prospective purchasers, courts, or other parties. Although Annie Sez is committed to securing appropriate protections for information that may be disclosed in transactions or events of this nature, Annie Sez cannot guarantee that its Privacy Policy will remain the same if a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or some other transaction or event occurs in the future.

Collection of Data
The sort of data collected by Annie Sez from visitors to this site and customers, both in-store and online, varies.

From time to time, individuals accessing Annie Sez’s website or visiting an Annie Sez store may be asked to provide certain personal or demographic information, including their names, home addresses, ages, genders, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. This may occur, for instance, in the process of setting up a user profile on this website, or in the process of completing a transaction online or in stores.

Other, non-personal or less personal data may also be collected in the process of an individual visiting this website. For instance, Annie Sez may collect certain browsing data with cookies and web beacons. Similar data may also be collected at stores from personal electronic devices of customers, if such devices are used by customers to access the stores’ Wi-Fi networks, to the extent that any Annie Sez stores may offer Wi-Fi access.

Cookies are small files generated and modified in the process of an individual accessing a website, and they are used to improve a user’s experience online by tracking that user’s behavior online. They are stored on visitors’ computers and / or mobile devices, and may affect an individual’s browsing experience on the sites from which they originate, and on other websites the individual may visit (for example, ads on websites an individual visits may be affected by cookies from other websites, whereby products from one website are displayed in ads on another website due to cookies that were stored on the individual’s browsing device). On this website, some cookies are provided by and for Annie Sez’s use, and some cookies may be third-party cookies from companies like Google, which may be present in the process of visiting this website for certain technical purposes, like collecting anonymous statistics regarding site traffic or site usage, among other things. Web browsers typically offer individuals to change settings either not to accept cookies at all, or to notify individuals when cookies are going to be downloaded, to give individuals the option to accept or reject them. Please note that settings that reject cookies may result in certain pages of this website being inaccessible until cookie settings are changed.

Web beacons, which are sometimes referred to as “pixel tags” or “clear gifs,” are essentially graphics with specific identifiers that operate similarly to cookies – they enable Annie Sez to tally visitors that have accessed specific pages on this website. Rather than being stored on a visitor’s electronic device (i.e., computer or mobile device), web beacons are embedded on or within some of this website’s pages.

Use of Collected Data
In many instances, personal data collected by Annie Sez serves various marketing and promotional purposes, including, for instance, to learn about a customer’s personal preferences to improve the customer’s experience with future purchases, or to keep customers updated with the latest news and offers from Annie Sez. While Annie Sez will not sell information collected to third parties, there may be times where Annie Sez will share data with third parties if doing so is necessary, for instance, to complete a transaction, provide a service, or comply with applicable laws. To expand on these examples, Annie Sez may need to provide personal data to organizations for credit checks or to debt collection agencies, or Annie Sez may need to provide personal data pursuant to applicable laws, including if there is suspected fraudulent activity.

Access / Modifications to Personal Data
At any time, you may ask Annie Sez about personal data / information that has been collected about you. Data may be corrected, removed, or modified in other ways, in the event that it is deficient or incorrect in certain respects. You can contact Annie Sez with such requests at:  customersupport@anniesez.com or 201-868-6220 ext. 2200.

Email Communications
A visitor on this website may elect to receive email communications by subscribing to one of our email lists, which are used to inform interested visitors and customers about special promotions, sales, and other news from Annie Sez, related brands and related companies that may be of interest to them. At any time, a visitor who has elected to receive such email communications may notify Annie Sez that he or she no longer wishes to receive such email communications, and may unsubscribe from email lists by contacting Annie Sez at:  customersupport@anniesez.com. Settings for user profiles set up on Annie Sez’s website may also provide an option for a user to change his or her preferences to receive or not to receive such emails, and email communications from Annie Sez to individuals who have agreed to be contacted typically include an “unsubscribe” option within the emails themselves. Please note that requests to unsubscribe may take several days to process, and in the meantime, you therefore understand and agree that some email messages may still be sent prior to the unsubscribe request being fully processed.

Call / Text Messaging Communications
If a visitor on this website, or a customer in a Annie Sez store, wishes to receive communications by phone, he or she may request and consent to receive calls or texts from Annie Sez, sent to the number that he or she elected to provide to Annie Sez. Individuals wishing to provide their numbers to Annie Sez understand and agree, per this Privacy Policy, that doing so is not a condition of or to any sale or purchase, and further understand and agree that message and data rates may apply. At any time, an individual who has chosen to receive calls or texts from Annie Sez may choose to stop receiving such calls or texts, simply by contacting Annie Sez directly at  customersupport@anniesez.com, or by replying with “STOP” to a text message (a reply message other than “STOP” may be required to end the messages, if messages sent by Annie Sez so indicate, and you consent to and understand that after replying to stop the receipt of messages from Annie Sez, Annie Sez may send a final message or messages to confirm that the text messaging communications are being stopped).

Annie Sez’s Security Measures
While Annie Sez is committed to the security of any personal information you choose to transmit to it online, and while Annie Sez takes various technological, administrative, and internal measures to prevent misplacement of, unauthorized access to, or other issues in connection with your personal data, no data transmissions made online are ever fully secure. Annie Sez cannot ensure the security of such information, and therefore you agree to share any personal data at your own risk.

Recommended Safety Practices
In order to maximize your privacy as a visitor to this website, you should exercise caution in maintaining the secrecy of any passwords or account information. Do not share this information with anyone else. Be aware of “phishing” efforts from hackers and other parties online – at times, you may receive suspicious emails that appear to be from Annie Sez and appear to request personally identifying information from you, including but not limited to financial information. Please be advised that Annie Sez does not make such requests by email and, as such, you should carefully scrutinize any communications you receive as they may be fraudulent attempts by hackers to obtain your personal information.

Copyright Information
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